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Pre-buy Inspections

On site pre-buy inspections

Pre-Buy Rate Per Hour - $150.00

On site pre-buy inspections will take place at the main SkyWarrior base in Pensacola, FL.  SkyWarrior will perform a pre-buy inspection specfic to the customer request.  Typical pre-buy inspections include:

  • Basic airframe condition

  • Basic engine condition and compressions

  • Basic logbook review

Off-Site Pre Buy Inspections

Local off-site pre-buy inspections include any aircraft located within a two hour driving radius of Pensacola, FL.  The full pre-buy rate will apply from the time the technician leaves unitl the time of return.

Non-local off-site inspections are considered any aircraft located beyond a two hour drive time from Pensacola, FL.  Charge for inspection is $1000.00 per day plus travel cost.  Customers who wish to utilize SkyWarrior for off-site inspections will need to have a consultation prior to any arrangements made.

A note on pre-buy's

We highly reccomed performing either an annual inspection or 100 hour inspection for aircraft pre-buy's.   While more expensive, this is the most complete inspection you can perform to find any "hidden issues".  For serious buyers we reccommed splitting this cost with the aircraft owner.

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